With all the fun and sun to enjoy here on Panama City Beach, it’s always great to have a few pointers and vacation tips to help make your vacation relaxing and carefree.


We have gathered some useful vacation tips and information that you can use on your next trip to Sugar Sands and the “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches!” If you have a tip you think we should post here, feel free to contact us and we’ll load it up on the tips page. Thank you for contributing and making Panama City Beach, Florida a great vacation rental destination!


  1. It’s HOT. The average seasonal temperature here in Panama City Beach is Panama City Beach Flag Systemaround 78 degrees. That means it gets pretty hot on the beaches. Make sure that you have plenty of water to drink and lots of sunscreen. Nothing can ruin a vacation more than a really bad sunburn.
  2. Understand the Beach Flag System. When you’re hitting the beaches of Panama City Beach, you will notice flags in numerous places. These flags give you notice of the current water conditions. See the chart to the right for a breakdown of the flags and their definitions.